• Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice
  • Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice
  • Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice
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Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice
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Also known as wolfberry juice, goji juice is largely accepted as a medicinal aid by homeopaths because of its antioxidant content. These antioxidants may be serve as remedies against inflammatory disease, neurological problems, cancer, heart disease, vision problems, and immune disorders. In traditional Chinese medicine, goji tea is used to combat bacteria, fungus, and other health issues.

nature goji juice

Other goji juice benefits may also include better memory and a decrease, or overall cure, of instances of insomnia. Some people report a reversal of sexual dysfunction. Some pregnant women have found the juice to be helpful in alleviating morning sickness. Hepatitis B, obesity, and other problems have also been eased by drinking the juice. People who detox their bodies may use this juice to do so.

Lower cholesterol may be a benefit from drinking the juice. Hormonal regulation can also result from including goji products in the diet. This may result in a clearer complexion for some people. Some claim that it can also help regulate the metabolism and raise energy. 

Nutritionally, goji berry fruit juice has many benefits. It contains 19 amino acids, eight of them considered essential amino acids. The berries are rich in trace minerals. 21 minerals, including selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and calcium, can be found in the fruit. Other nutrients the juice contains include vitamin E, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Goji juice also contains greater amounts of beta carotene and vitamin C by weight than carrots and oranges respectively.

Product Description:

Product Name

Organic Goji Berry



Country of Origin


Process Description

Goji berry are sorted, cleaned and dried

Ingredients:Organic Goji Berries(100%)

Physical Parameters:

Count (Grains/50g)



Spindle-shaped with lightly contracted skin 






Herbal aroma




 ≤2  %(W/W)

Incomplete grains

 ≤5  %(W/W)

Chemical Parameters:




 ≤10 mg/kg

Pesticide Residue









Export Packing

Inner aluminum foil bag 5kg,  outer packing 4x5bag/carton

Physical from(e.g. dried fruit, powder, liquid)

 Dried fruit  

Weight per  carton

Net Weight 20kg   Gross Weight 21.5kg

Shelf life

24 months

Storage conditions

Low temperature, Moisture-proof ,dry and cool place




Processing aids and additives




A modern superfood with an ancient history, goji berries have been used as a healing food in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. EU Organic and a great source of fiber, minerals, and antioxidants (vitamin A), Navitas Organics Goji Berries are a fantastic swap for your everyday dried fruit. With a delightfully chewy texture and mildly sweet taste, it's superfoods made easy.


ningxia goji berry juice

ningxia red wolfberry juice


1. The MOQ of EU organic goji berry ,goji berry juice and red date is 5000KG;    The MOQ of other products is 1000KG.

2.The EU/USDA organic products price includes TC; 

3. Delivery terms: FOB Tianjin/ Qingdao. 

4. Delivery time: 20 days.

5. Payment term: T/T 30% deposit, 70% before delivery.

6. Quotation validity: 7 days.

7. Packing for goji berries: Aluminum foil bag, each bag can be hold 5kgs, each carton can be hold four bags.

nature goji juice

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