• Certifed Organic Wolfberry

    Certifed Organic Wolfberry

    Organic Berries Bursting With Flavor - Small but mighty, goji berries deliver bright and tangy flavors of fruity goodness with every bite. Eat them by the handful, steep them in hot water for a goji berry tea, or add them to breakfast classics like yogurt and smoothies.
    Low-Fat Treat for Guilt-Free Snacks - This powerhouse berry is packed with mouthwatering flavor, adding a tart yet sweet taste to all your kitchen favorites. t sweet taste to all your kitchen favorites. Substitute mix-ins like chocolate chips, raisins or cranberries for this low-fat superberry in your salads, trail mix, and gluten free snacks.

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  • Dried Wolfberries

    Dried Wolfberries

    As a preferred method to traditional sun-dried Goji berries, we carefully lay out our berries to naturally shade dry in rich botanical areas. The result is a delicious organic berry packed with good-for-you nutrients like iron and fiber.

    Antioxidant carotenoids and flavonoids found abundantly in goji berries. β -carotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, and lutein play a vital role in protecting the skin and mucosa from free radical injury.

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