Dried Goji Berries

  • Mega-super rich in vitamin A – 536% DV – a powerful antioxidant, immunity booster, eye-health promoter, and anti-aging agent; goji berries are not rich in provitamin A, they are superrich – comparable with beef liver and more than chicken liver!


  • Excellent in vitamin C – 48mg (81% DV) – a powerful antioxidant, immunity booster, and anti-aging agent

  • Excellent in potassium – 1594mg (45%DV) – 4 times banana’s content!

  • Excellent in iron – 7mg (38% DV) – goji berries are packed with iron which improves haemoglobin and red blood cells production

  • Sodium – 298mg (13% DV)

  • Betaine – liver and kidney health promoter; a compound used by the liver to produce choline that helps expel toxins and waste from the body.

A 100-gram serving contains: calories – 349, total carbohydrate – 77g, including 46g of sugar and 13g of dietary fiber (52% DV), proteins – 14g (28% DV) that have all 9 essential amino acids

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