Integrity Enterprise Plaque

Green Shield Credit Information (Beijing) Co., LTD. (referred to as "Green Shield Credit Information") is a Beijing Shuangsoft recognized enterprise and a High-tech enterprise in Beijing. For more than 10 years since its establishment, it has been committed to credit e-commerce and big data enterprise credit investigation, presided over the operation of Green Shield enterprise credit investigation system and undertook the construction of government public credit information platform.

Green Shield enterprise credit investigation system has established credit files for more than 100 million information subjects, and created a new mode of third-party social credit investigation integrating "Internet + big data + central database + local joint credit investigation". Through Internet technology, it provides convenient, open and free enterprise credit inquiry services. Provide credit records or credit reports for business cooperation, market transactions, financial credit, job hunting and recruitment, government procurement, tendering and bidding, administrative examination and approval, market access, qualification examination, risk prevention and other matters.

Green Shield enterprise credit Investigation system has set up the administrative supervision information release port, developed the credit information sharing interface, opened up the consumer real name rights protection window, established the enterprise commercial dispute settlement mechanism, realized the online generation and printing of credit report, remote credit investigation service and online collaborative credit investigation and other functions. Green Shield credit information system Web version, Wap version, App version three versions of parallel, data synchronization, to the mobile Internet era of users brought more convenient service experience.

Green shield credit reporting (Beijing) co., LTD., in the credit reporting system construction, improve the credit information, credit product research and development, credit reporting mode innovation, market incentives, the good faith, the respect such as joint disciplinary breach of unremitting efforts, to help enterprises to witness the credit, ensure the security of mass consumption, service government supervision market, promote the harmonious development of society. Let the honest enterprise smooth all the way, let the faithless enterprise return to reason.

Integrity Enterprise Plaque

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